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January 26, 2020



With over 2,000 entrants coming from across the world, Japan Evo is the biggest fighting games tournament outside of its namesake Evo which is held in Vegas each year. With a new patch and new characters coming out after the conclusion of the 2019 Tekken World Tour in December, players scrambled to determine which character(s) would come out most advantageous. One character however did stand out above the rest: Leroy. A semi-blind Wing Chun master hailing from the USA, there were no less than 6 Leroy players in the top 8 of Evo Japan 2020, Book amongst them on winner’s side of the double elimination tournament.

Whose Leroy would turn out to be the best? Chikurin’s? Gen’s? Noroma’s? Remaining undefeated across the entire tournament Book showed the world that his Leroy stood number 1. 

“Just use Leroy”, a cheeky yet humble statement was made by Book after the match, following criticism of the game developer for making Leroy perhaps a bit too OP? As a player however, you do whatever it takes to win and today Leroy just happened to be the answer.

This was a significant win for Book and a significant win for Talon as it represents our first ever Evolution win and our first ever world championship. We could not be any prouder of Book and this win has made it the best start to the new year. Thank you to all our fans for your support and a big shout out to the Thai Tekken 7 community for raising Book to being the champion that he is today.

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