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November 17, 2019



Being the last Super Premier Event, the North American Regional Finals is a stacked affair with players coming from all over the world in search of points, prize money (with 50K USD up for grabs) and glory. Coming off a relative fresh win in the PPL Fighter Masters Premier in Shanghai Hotdog29 was full of confidence a riding a strong wave of momentum with his epic M. Bison play.


Getting through a line up of Dual Kevin, JB, Commander Jesse, Sako, Problem X and Punk undefeated was no easy feat only to meet 2016 Capcom Cup champion NuckleDu in the Grand Finals. Playing next to flawless throughout the tournament, Hotdog29 was unexpectedly reset by a resurgent Nuckle in the first match of the grand finals. Slightly shook but ultimately unphased Hotdog regained his momentum to take out Nuckledu in the final set 3 – 1.

With the biggest win of his career under his belt, Hotdog29 popped off like a beast with an additional 700 CPT points to his name and FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. We’d like to thank all our fans and a big shout out to the Hong Kong FGC who helped raise Hotdog into the champion that he is today. With this win it was a perfect warm up, for the Capcom Cup next month!

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